In 1990 I was set up with C.R England to go thru their training course a week before I was to leave I found out I was pregnant, Well I canceled that and did the mom thing (now that’s hard work) In 2004 I had my chance again to make my dream come true so I talked it over with my 13yr old and my family to make sure it was ok before I started school. In 2005 i started with Central Refrigerated Service in April, I met Toby soon after. I was reading your March/April issue and there was Toby big as life (he always told me he would end up in here) I met him in Richmond, VA I-95 xt 104 @ the Petro, We had coffee and talked for hours about trucking and how it can benefit me the best way (hometime, pay checks, miles etc.) then he gave me his book and his phone number. We would talk each other to the next stop or just talk to fall asleep (which I had done many times) If it wasn’t for his support I wouldn’t have stayed out here as long as I have, After about a year he teamed up with someone and we lost contact.  Toby is a great friend and support system and i just wanted to say thank you, your awesome   I have been out here on the road for 4 yrs and I’m with Prime now loving the miles, hometime and the moneys good too. I hear stories that most drivers are sitting and I just have to ask myself WHY????????  In Nov.08 i broke my hand and was off for 2 months, I came back to work at the worst time possible it was slow going but now i haven’t stopped for the last month been running on my recap for 3 weeks and im still rolling (making that money) haha.

Thank you Toby if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be out here.
Karen Langford
Prime Driver
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