Book Synopsis

My first book On the Big Road is the book to read if you’re a professional truck driving student, a rookie driver that's been in the industry less than 6 months, or if you’re just considering becoming a truck driver. It's a “how to” on how to stay mentally, physically and spiritually healthy in your new lifestyle choice.

It's packed with "how to" information about how to make as smooth a transition as possible from whatever career line you are or were involved with , into semi-truck driving. But it is also about how to make your career move a success right from the start.

It is filled with information gained by my personal experience, or from professional truck driving veterans that have shared their experiences with me. This book is essential to your success in the semi-truck driving industry. It's an effort to improve driver quality, safety, education and longevity in the industry today.

The sequel, Semi-Aware, is the book that needs to be read by anyone just about to get their driver’s license. It's a must have if you’re a parent that has a teenager about to get that most coveted rite of passage into adulthood. It’s equally as good for any driver getting their license for the first time, no matter what their age.

It's an effort to improve the safety and quality of driving habits and skills of teens and new drivers. It's filled with invaluable information on how to drive more safely and effectively around the big trucks out there on the road today.

Both books were written in an effort to improve the quality of the drivers, their safety and awareness, as well as their skills while they are out there on the road. Regardless of what type of license they may have or may be getting in the near future, the lessons of professional truck driving can be valuable.

Coming soon to will be my newest book that is currently in the works, 30 Days to a More Effective and More Powerful Me! This will be a self help book unlike any out there today; a new kind of CD/DVD diet and exercise program designed for drivers, by a driver.

There are a couple other projects in the works as well; including a full length book titled, Driving for God: A Christ Driven Reality Check (non-fiction), and possibly a fictional novel entitled Fifth Wheel. Hopefully we will also soon have T-shirts, hats and other semi-truck driving promotional items available. Look for all these by the end of this year and keep checking back for updates.
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