About the Author
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Toby Bogard. At least that's what most everyone calls me. Unless of course you are out there in C.B. (Citizen Band Radio) Land - out there everybody just calls me the "Family-Man".
To my 3 children I am Daddy. To my friends, I'm a devout and God fearing Christian. I am a trucking book author, having penned On the Big Road and Semi-Aware, and I am also the founder of Truck-Writer.com. I am an advocate of professional truck driving  training and education, as well as trucker safety and health.
I'm a 9 year professional truck driving veteran. In that time I have driven over 950,000 miles. 838,000 of those miles have been driven in the last 7 years, while employed by the 6th largest trucking company in North America. I am still employed with that company and intend to continue driving for them until I reach the coveted 1,000,000 mile point.
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Meet Truckers Book Author Toby Bogard

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